About Me


Hi, thanks for visiting my blog/portfolio website. The purpose of this site is to track my experiences in the world of software development and to document my structured approaches to some of the problems that I encounter on a day to day basis. I will also be reviewing books, frameworks, software, and blogging about some of nuances of computer science.

I’ve been writing software since the age of 14 and I like to think that I’ve come a long way since the early days of BASIC and C. Over the past few years I’ve found myself using Perl quite a bit. After Perl I used PHP for a few years until I decided to give Java a chance again. I’ve enjoyed using Open Source software and I don’t think I would have it any other way. I still have a great respect for scripting languages and I frequently use them in conjunction with Java.

I see the future of computing in distributed systems. Individual processors are no longer increasing in speed, they are instead being multiplied on a single chip. A lot of the current programming languages today don’t use this to their advantage. Computing clouds are also just starting to become popular. Amazon’s EC2 service is one of the companies at the forefront that offers virtual machines on demand. There are still many hurdles that these new technologies face but I’m more then positive that they will be addressed over time. I will be discussing this topic in my blog.